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Food dangerous to health that Japanese people say Should not let the dog eat.


Several days ago, a Japanese neighbor who took care of a dog was waiting to find a new home. Bring the puppies you have just taken care of She said that if you want to play, you can borrow a dog. So that the dog will get used to the child and not hate the child. Which will be easy to find a new home for the dog When giving small dogs to play with their children At home, half a day at a time, and a grown-up puppy is very good at eating. This prompted the author to find information on what to feed the dog and avoid giving it. Let's take a look at what foods and drinks should be avoided for your dog.
1. Vegetables such as onions Spring onions and chives, etc.
These vegetables contain allylpropyl disulfide, which destroys red blood cells and makes your dog anemia caused by hemolysis.
2. Chocolate
In chocolate contains Theobromine. (Theobromine), which has properties similar to caffeine. สมัคร เกม The dog's body is unable to degrade theobromine. Therefore, when ingested, even in small quantities, the dog will have diarrhea and vomiting. But if given to eat in large amounts, it may cause the dog to seize. Has an irregular heartbeat Bleeding inside the body can be severe and lead to death.
3. Fishbone and Chicken Bone
The dog's body cannot digest fishbone and chicken bones. Once eaten, the fishbone and chicken bones may stab your dog's neck and internal organs.
4. Food and beverages containing alcohol.
The same is true for people who drink alcohol when they are drunk, but the dog is more intoxicated. And a terrible hangover